Monday, August 24, 2009

:: Alhamdulillah ::

Aku tumpang gembira buat sumone sbb beliau berjaya mendapat kembali ape yg beliau telah hilang.. i dont want to be the reason when you lost someone that u loved.. but now orang beliau nanti2kn sudah muncul kembali.. MyEm0.Com

and aku pon b'syukur sbb i've been got fighting with someone but currently we were been good as what we were before..
but there's still one people dat have been hurted by me (i guess) and still i dont know where he is right now.. urmmm.. i hope he will forgive me some day..

and for someone that i love so much, thanks for all ur love.. u have my heart and i hope u'll take a good care of it.. really! i do afraid of losing u.. i admit it..

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ShuSyi said...

yg last tu menarik :)