Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cuti2 di Mana??

a) Johor Bahru
Juz town..
But i can meet my bestfriend and my daughter..

b) Tioman Island
Nice place..
Love to go there..
Still dont know the budget (depends on budget also)..

c) Genting Highland
already go there for many times..
cool place

d) Bukit Tinggi
nice and cool place..
never been there..
love to see french and japan style

e) Kelantan
miss to go there..
its been ages not going there..
besides i can meet my old friends..

f) Kuala Lumpur
i dont think to go here..
every 2 weeks i have to go there..
no interest to go there for a holiday..


1 comment:

ShuSyi said...

KL yer?..bnyk je tmpat..blm jelajah..
muzium negara
pusat sains
aqua ria..
menara KL
taman tasik negara

ehmm biler r nk g..