Friday, April 10, 2009

All About Love...

He Touches Me

He touches me in mysterious ways
Only my heart can understand.

The feelings he evokes when his eyes meet mine

Are almost more than I can stand.

He gently breathes, I close my eyes

And feel his love flow softly over me

Like a babbling brook, winding its way

Through the forest;

An endless stream to the sea.

The stars in the sky spell out his name,

As the clouds come racing in

To hold him closer;

As if even they,

Can not be without him.

He only has to speak my name

And my fragile heart skips a beat

And as his tender words are uttered,

All my doubts and troubled fears

Are put to sleep.

He touches me and I'm filled

With the most warm and wondrous light

It's as if before him, I was just as dark

As the dead of the longest night.

Just to gaze into his eyes

And feel his heart beat with mine,

It's all I'll ever,
ever ask until the end of time!


A Picture Of Us

Through my words of poetry,
I want to paint, A Picture Of Us

Heartfelt meaningful words,

I'll paint my mood, in shades of warm passion.

As I begin to write,

I paint my soul, to be one with only you

Sentences begin to grow,

I paint my heart, with your love so true.

Now is the time, that I sketch

My lips, gently kissing you

I can't forget to paint Your arm's,

wrapped around my waist.

Oh perfection, keep your hand there, I won't erase

Slowly, I'll draw my hand, to wipe away your tears

Holding and comforting you, while quelling, all your fears.

So much joy in painting, our silhouettes, darker here then light

Kissing and holding, one another, so very tight

Writing now, my sincere love, deeply in your heart.

Chewing the eraser, so you my love, will never part

How about a word, of the shining stars, up in the sky

Their brilliance, draws the warm sparkle, right through your eye.

This painting, almost done, so perfect, beautiful, and fine

The finishing touch, is drawing you close, making you mine

Completion at last, I paint this picture, of you and me

Two becoming one, sharing devoted love, through eternity.

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